PHR and SPHR Certification...Should I get certified?

HRCI’s PHR and SPHR certifications are the gold standard in the human resource profession. Many years ago an ad for a human resource professional would only mention PHR and SPHR as a plus under job requirements. In today’s human resource environment, a PHR or SPHR is required to apply for human resource jobs.

The PHR and SPHR certification demonstrates that a human resource professional has the necessary competencies and knowledge to be successful in their job. I always tell human resource professionals, certification is not a substitute for a degree. Focus on accomplishing your degrees first then pursue HRCI certification.

The most important experience from pursuing your education and certification is expanding your knowledge base. As professionals and students learning expands our human resource competencies. Certification requires continuing education to maintain your certification. In my opinion the greatest value attained from certification is not all the preparation and studying to pass the exam, but rather the continuing education required to maintain the certification. The CE requirements keep all human resource professionals relevant and current with trends and knowledge in the industry. The industry is always changing and we must be prepared to address the challenges that are presented us on our human resource journey to help our organizations be successful and sustain growth and market share.

Dr. Turpin