Course Timeline

I have received a lot of inquiries lately asking if the course can be completed in less than 15 weeks. The course can be completed in less than 15 weeks if you have the time to dedicate completing all the reading and assignments. The course is organized over 15 weeks much like a college course. Depending on your learning styles, study habits, and time for the course, you can successfully complete the course in less than 15 weeks. Please email me and/or call me if you are interested in completing the course in less than 15 weeks so that we can discuss your particular situation and determine the plan best suited for your situation.

Also remember HRCI no longer has set testing windows, so you can can sit for the aPHR, PHR, or SPHR at times that work best for you!

Dr. Turpin

Multiple Choice Test Taking Straetgies

How often have you taken multiple choice tests? Probably for most of you, not very often. The key overall strategy in preparing for multiple choice tests is repetition, in other words, practice, practice, and practice taking multiple choice practice tests. Multiple choice tests have 4 answers. Did you know there is a strategy to approach the 4 possible answers and narrow down your choices to 2 answers? This strategy increases your probability to a 50% chance of getting the correct answer.

Enroll in my online aPHR, PHR, and SPHR prep course today to have access to lots of practice tests and many test taking strategies.

Dr. Turpin

Things to Consider in Selecting a PHR or SPHR Preparation Course

Happy New Year! As we enter 2019, certification from the Human Resource Certification Institute (aPHR, PHR,& SPHR) should be top of mind. It is clear that human resource professionals who are certified have a higher probability of landing human resource jobs and making more money than those who are not certified. In today’s competitive professional environment, certification is a requirement for most human resource jobs.

When making the decision to select an aPHR, PHR, or SPHR preparation course, ensure that the pass rates from the program are available, the materials are current, and the course format and structure are conducive to your learning style. Additionally, make sure the course availability meets your work and personal life schedules. The instructor of the course should also be available by email and/or phone to answer questions about the course prior to registration.

aPHR, PHR, and SPHR certifications from HRCI are a “game changer” in one’s human resource career. Get certified in 2019 and open new doors to your career!

Dr. Turpin

PHR and SPHR Certification...Should I get certified?

HRCI’s PHR and SPHR certifications are the gold standard in the human resource profession. Many years ago an ad for a human resource professional would only mention PHR and SPHR as a plus under job requirements. In today’s human resource environment, a PHR or SPHR is required to apply for human resource jobs.

The PHR and SPHR certification demonstrates that a human resource professional has the necessary competencies and knowledge to be successful in their job. I always tell human resource professionals, certification is not a substitute for a degree. Focus on accomplishing your degrees first then pursue HRCI certification.

The most important experience from pursuing your education and certification is expanding your knowledge base. As professionals and students learning expands our human resource competencies. Certification requires continuing education to maintain your certification. In my opinion the greatest value attained from certification is not all the preparation and studying to pass the exam, but rather the continuing education required to maintain the certification. The CE requirements keep all human resource professionals relevant and current with trends and knowledge in the industry. The industry is always changing and we must be prepared to address the challenges that are presented us on our human resource journey to help our organizations be successful and sustain growth and market share.

Dr. Turpin

HRCI Exam Provides Testing Flexibility

The HRCI aPHR, PHR, and SPHR certification exam schedule provides flexibility for human resource professionals. SHRM’s human resource certification provides human resource professionals with winter and spring windows to test. HRCI continues to be the “gold standard” in our field. The fact that you can take your certification exam at any time is a great benefit for human resource professionals with busy work schedules.

Dr. Turpin

Which HRCI Certification Exam Should I Take?

I am often asked by human resources professionals which certification exam they should acquire. For most human resources professionals, there are two options the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). In the past I would discuss with human resource professionals their background, experience, skills, and education and we would both decide on the appropriate certification exam with HRCI.

Today HRCI has a wonderful decision tool online that helps human resource professional determine which certification exam is best for them. I have walked through the tool with several human resource professionals and feel based on my experience that the tool does a great job in the decision making process. It is also important to review the “ eligibility requirement by exam and understand that the HRCI exams are primarily experienced based” (HRCI, 2018).

Dr. Turpin

HRCI vs SHRM Certification

The emergence of the recent SHRM certification has created a lot of discussion in the human resource field. I advise human resource professionals that certification should never take the place of higher education. Your undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral work should take precedence over certification.  The next logical step after completing your education is getting certified in the field. While the SHRM certification is a credential with some value, in my opinion the HRCI certification remains the gold standard in our field.

We have seen an increase in human resource certification (S/PHR) being a plus 10 years ago in job postings to being required in today’s market. HRCI has been the institution to administer human resource certification for decades.  While I have seen a minor shift from HRCI to SHRM certification preference, I do not see it being the preferred certification anytime in the future.

Certifications and their governing bodies are slow to having significant impact in a field, unless there is driving force like lack of credibility, validity, or reliability to foster change. HRCI has a great reputation and a long history of excellence in the field. HRCI certification is here to stay for as long as I can see into the future.

Dr. Turpin