I'd purchased two training programs and completed their full practice exams and all training modules. I'd taken and (not passed) the exam twice using both of these sets of material. Both times I left the exam feeling ill prepared for the types of questions asked on the exam, though I felt confident after completing their practice exams. After signing up for the HR Upfront self-paced study course and taking the pre-test questions, I knew I'd found the right solution because the questions closely resembled what I'd seen on the exams before. I finished the entire HRM textbook prescribed by this course and not only did I feel most prepared, but extremely confident in my responses while taking the exam. I passed the SPHR and I'm confident it was because of my investment in this program. Thanks Chris for all you do!

Anshwa Lewis, MBA, PMP, CWEP, SPHR
Owner, SwaLaRue Events

I recently passed the PHR exam, and I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this somewhat-daunting feat without the HR Upfront program. I had been trying to “get serious” about sitting for the exam for the past couple of years and was trying to study on my own without any success. The HR Upfront program was very helpful in guiding my studying and making sure I focused on the correct information. I wouldn’t say the exam was “easy”, but the materials, structure and guidance provided definitely helped me feel much more confident.

Logan Buyalos, PHR | People Services Generalist
Elephant Insurance Services, LLC

HR Upfront, LLC was definitely instrumental in my successful first attempt at the PHR exam.  I was finishing a HRM Master’s degree program and the HR Upfront online preparation gave me the capstone to my learning to provide a comprehensive study guide for all HR materials.  I believe the most valuable part of the course for me was the laws and cases which allowed me to explore these areas further for a more thorough understanding.  Chris is an excellent resource to have and was always willing to answer any questions I had or help further in my preparation.  I was able to work at my own pace and the course offered all the resources I needed to help prepare for the PHR.  I will recommend this program to all of my colleagues and recent graduates.

Elizabeth Allen, MHRM, PHR
Human Resource Generalist
Intercept Youth Services


I just passed my SPHR certification exam (on the first try!) and highly recommend HR Upfront for those preparing for the PHR or SPHR certification exam.  The text book and study guide will give you a broad knowledge base and the specific assignments will provide a deeper understanding of important labor relations and employment acts.  But the highlight for me was the many practice exams provided; they were a great study aid and help you get used to taking tests – really important for those who have been away from a learning environment for awhile.  Another bonus is having Chris available to answer questions and provide support throughout your study and exam preparation. 

Tina Stevens
Christine R. Stevens, SPHR CEBS FLMI
Director, Human Resources Services

What I liked best about your curriculum is that it was very time-structured and covered all the material in a way that facilitated understanding of the concepts.  The project was a phenomenal way to build understanding of all the major employment acts and Supreme Court cases in applying those to real situations.  That is absolutely a must!  You have such a wealth of resources on the website as far as practice tests and additional exercises that I believe made the learning difference for me.  Building endurance through the regular chapter tests was also critical to give me a realistic expectation of how long my concentration would last at any given time, and to remind me to build in periodic mental breaks for the real test.  Your published success rate and structure was what made me choose your course.  My experience with your class will make me recommend your course to anyone and everyone I meet who wants to pass either the PHR or SPHR exam.  Congratulations to you for creating a curriculum that works!

Heidi Scott, SPHR
VP, Human Resources
Guidance Residential, LLC

I recently used the HR Upfront, LLC on-line educational program to prepare for the SPHR exam.  The class materials and resources were comprehensive and user-friendly.  The instructor was readily available and guidance provided by him was clear and concise.  The review of case law and history of HR legal developments proved invaluable to me on the exam.  I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a flexible study course for exam preparation. Interest from employers in my resume has markedly increased since I passed the exam!

Lorie McCollough, SPHR

HR Upfront,LLC educational program for the PHR and SPHR certification is a correct balance of resources, motivation, and knowledge to help any Human Resource Professional obtain this prestigious certification.  Their devotion is second to none, to help you succeed well beyond the course and certification test.  HR Upfront, LLC came highly recommend to me and after completing the course and test, I must agree 100%.  I highly recommend their program to those seeking a PHR or SPHR certification.

Keith Nestor, PHR
Human Resources Consultant
Richmond Police Department

I’m another HR Upfront, LLC. success story!  The structured course moved at a manageable pace that aided my retention of the material.  The curriculum covered all things HR as well as provided valuable test taking tips (which really do make a difference).  The instructor’s enthusiasm, direction, and knowledge contributed to my positive experience.  I was impressed by his availability and quick and thorough feedback.  He truly showed me that he was committed to my success.  I have and will continue to recommend HR Upfront to my HR colleagues, thanks!

Tyler Sinsabaugh, MHRM, PHR
Human Resources Administrator
ColonialWebb Contractors
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